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About Mister Raw

I’m Stefan Avivson aka. Mr. Raw, a dad, a serial entrepreneur, a mentor and a musician.

I built 10+ startups, exited 4 and I tried to go bankrupt twice. I raised a whole lot of cash to my companies and I succeeded doing so with others’ companies too, and with more than 26 years of entrepreneurship I guess my intuition of what to do and not to do – is far better than most others. That is what you buy from me.
After a hurricane of lifetime challenges, I found myself with only one mission:

To do my best to positively impact the world, as much as possible.

I create traction in both startups and in grownup b2B companies including my own portfolio of companies.

I help create companies and concepts that deliver a raw, long lasting and positive impact on this earth.

I attend podcasts, live events etc. and I also love creating music - and singing is one of my hidden superpowers and passions.

I’m inspired by the happiness of others to make more impact & I thrive when I’m given the opportunity to help others.

I achieve in 3-6 months what most new startup founders would achieve in 1-2 years! And I achieve that with loads of positive, good, happy energy.

With me by your side, you get raw results. Real results.

Who are my clients?

– ambitious entrepreneurs and founder teams
– forward-thinking business owners
– sales teams hungry for success.
– seasoned executives
– boards and investors

Basically, Individuals and organizations:

– who refuse to settle for mediocrity
– who crave the thrill of pushing boundaries,
– who are ready to make a lasting impact in their industry.

Partnering with me as your strategic, commercial, sales, and traction coach or partner is an investment in your present and future. It's an opportunity to transcend limitations, rewrite your business narrative, and redefine what's possible. I tried to build a unicorn, so I know what I am talking about. Try me out!

Contact me to:

– Scale your sales, – Optimize your commercial strategy and fundraising challenges, – gain real and raw traction

Book a call and let’s see how we can get you more success.

Stay raw.

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